Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tate's wisdom x 10

These are things that made me giggle this past year or so. I wrote them down and put them in a file.  I went through them today. What do you think? Funny or not?

1. Tate’s bank was full of change. I said, "Want me to take this down to the bank and get your money counted? They will give you dollar bills for the coins." He said, "No thank you. The coins are really high-strung. We don't want to scare 'em."

2. Tate saw a box marked FRAGILE and asked, "Hey, why do you have a box of Fragile?”

3. I was heading into a store with Tate and he said, “I don't see any robbers.” I asked, “What does a robber look like?” He said, “They’ll be wearing black uniforms."

4. My older son and I were discussing spy / detective type things. He said, "I know a good way to tell if someone is following you?" Tate piped up with, "You look behind you."

5. Tate got into the car after school and as usual I asked, “Did you learn anything today?” He said they had learned about Christopher Columbus. I asked, “What did you learn about him?” Tate responded, “He’s dead.”

6. My kids were trying to find a show they could agree on. My daughter said she’d like to watch The Bionic Woman. Tate said, “Anna Biotic Woman?” I said, “Antibiotic? This is bionic not biotic” and I explained what bionic meant.  Tate said, “A woman Superman? I don’t think so.”

7. I was sitting with Tate. He broke the silence with, "Hey, how 'bout we talk about Count Dracula?" I said, "Um okay, what can you tell me about Count Dracula?" Tate replied, "He's been dead since 1938.”

8. Tate’s teacher tried some word association with him. She asked what a fork and spoon had in common. He said, “They ran away together.” (I think it was actually THE DISH who ran away with the spoon!)

9. I got a perm and then picked my kids up from school. The oldest one said, "Did you change your hair?" I said, "yeah." Tate jerked his head around and asked, "What did you do with your old hair?"

10. Tate was studying Egypt in Social Studies. He told me that the Egyptians had build pyramids with their feet. It took me a while but after some back and forth discussion, I finally understood. My literal kid may have become confused when the teacher explained the height and width of the pyramids, in feet.

And a bonus: Our cat Tom was looking in the door. Tate does not like cats but they seem to adore him. Tate's brother Levi began to try to convince me to let the cat inside. Levi started with, "that cat deserves.... " then Tate cut him off with "....a ticket to the animal shelter."

Tate's little sister Sydney was being tormented at school by a boy who kept calling her “gross.” I told her to pretend the boy was invisible and not to interact with him at all. Tate was truly trying to help and piped up with, "I have an idea. Go to school tomorrow and pretend you are not gross."


  1. So funny! Love the not gross one especially!

  2. That's too cute and funny! I love the one where the cat deserves a ticket to the animal shelter. lol.

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