Wednesday, October 12, 2016

If you give a mom an Autism Speaks gift card...

It's no secret that a large majority of my followers are following because they saw one of my posts on the Autism Speaks site. So I do not have to explain to you readers who they are and what they do. 

Autism Speaks has been really good to me and to Tate. Most recently, a representative of the online shop ( sent us some merchandise to review. Knowing Tate as they do, there was a hoodie in the box. If you have followed us long at all you will know Tate puts a hoodie on in September and doesn't take it off until the end of May. He is a connoisseur of hoodies. He loved the Autism Speaks hoodie. It just so happened it came the evening before his birthday and he wore it on his birthday, proudly. 

I was asked to choose some things to review or blog about and was excited. I was excited, but it still took me two or three days to look at everything the shop had to offer. It was because I kept getting called away. The kids needed me. The phone rang. I had appointments. And one thing kept leading to another. 

And because of my love of the picture book series by Laura Numeroff, I was reminded of the mouse who is so distracted by everything around him, as I was trying to place that order! I decided to cartoon what it is like for a busy mom to shop online sometimes. 

Use this link to go to the Autism Speaks shop. If you place an order or buy a loved one a gift card, let them know that Lisa and Tate from Quirks and Chaos sent you.

And I'd love to hear what you liked best in the shop!


  1. My favorite was the window cling. And I LOVE your cartoons. :-)

  2. I already have so many items I couldn't list them all! It takes me days to shop their site because I have to stay in budget.... soooo....things go in the cart, get taken out of the cart and exchanged of other stuff, which gets replaced by 10 other things I love, which get whittled down to a few things I have to have, which get added to...etc,etc,etc! **********
    I love your strips and wish they were in my daily newspaper!