Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Sydney often takes things I have said and twists them into different meanings.  There is a liquor store in our town off the main road and we pass it often.  (I cannot figure out how a town as small as ours can support two liquor stores and a bar.  It is very sad.)  When we drive past the liquor store, Sydney says, “That is where you go to throw up.”  The first time she said it, I was left scratching my head and then I remembered… Sydney asked me once what that store sold.  I told her it was a store that sold alcohol and alcohol makes people sick.  She put two and two together and came up with her own conclusion.  Can you picture people pulling in and asking for a bucket?  I wonder if that is what she pictures.  Ha!

When Sydney was a toddler, not able to communicate much yet, she was often confused about how to respond to people.  When she found herself in trouble or embarrassed, she would drop down on all fours and meow.  It usually got a giggle out of someone and it broke the ice for her.  It became a family joke and when any of us got into an awkward situation we would say “meow.”  We still do once in a while. 

Sydney has plastic cows and she plays with them as much as most girls her age play with Barbie dolls.  She loves them.  She slept with several of them last night.  She came into the kitchen with them in her hands this morning and announced in a disappointed voice, “They didn’t even have babies.  I looked all over my bed and there are no new babies.”  Then, she sat a couple calves next to the cow.  She turned to the bull and said, “You don’t have any ‘milkers’ so I can’t deal with you right now.”  Later, she asked me if the mama cow was fat enough to have babies.  I have no idea how am I supposed to assess the “condition” of a plastic cow?  I almost dropped to all fours and meowed, about that time.  Then Sydney said to the cow “eat more grass cow, so you can have a baby.”  She has a lot to learn.  Shawn thinks it would be really funny to buy her another calf and slip it into her bed tonight.  She’d probably just go with it, fully believing those cows had reproduced. 

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  1. This child makes me smile again, again and AGAIN! I hope to meet her someday! :)