Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tate, Texts, and Tents

One of the things Tate loves to do is to plan camping trips. His idea of camping though is a little different than yours probably. Tate wants a tent set up within a few feet of the house. He wants an extension cord and all his electronics set up next to his sleeping bag. And a tent full of snacks is a must. He’ll spend the evening in the tent and when he decides he’s tired enough to go to sleep in the early morning hours of the next day he’ll be ready to haul it all back in to go to bed. Tate especially loves it if we have a little campfire. He won’t roast hotdogs or marshmallows like the rest of the family but he’ll eat a hotdog bun and be content. A couple of times a year Tate decides it is time for us to have one of his camping experiences. Last year he planned one, long after it was too cold to carry out, and he perseverated for at least a month about us ruining his camping trip because we would not set up the tent due to the temperatures. He still brings it up occasionally. He’ll say things like, “You cannot ruin this for me like you did that camping trip.” Tate holds a grudge a long time.

So, last week when I started getting texts from Tate about camping I began praying for a warm weekend and no rain. As he often does, Tate began his planning by making lists. He loves numbered lists. My friend happened to be over during one of his planning sessions so he included her in the texts with me and his siblings. She is from Texas, thus the Texas reference in this text. 

The references to clothes (close) are probably because he fears I will tell him it is too cool to camp. He's telling me everyone will be dressed warm.

The video clip he sent me was about seven seconds long. He showed me that he had two hoodies on. His hoodie fetish will be fully satisfied. Camping and doubling up the hoodies.... He will truly be a "happy camper." 

It seems Tate is punishing his dad and I for “ruining” the last camping trip and has declared this one will only be for people with freckles. He's been announcing over and over the past two evenings that grown ups do not have freckles. The funny part to me is that Tate has no freckles either. His siblings do though. Ha!

Stay tuned folks and see if we are able to pull off a front yard camping experience for Tate in the next couple of weekends or not. I'd sure hate for him to have two strikes against his unfreckled parents. 

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