Saturday, August 29, 2015

More Texts from Tate

My readers keep asking for more texts from Tate and Tate keeps providing them. So I will share some more of the best of the best. And if you need to catch up then follow these links to past texts from Tate: Breaking Bad News and Tate's Texts

Tate sometimes makes grandiose plans that would be impossible to carry out. I am sure he himself is even aware that many of his schemes are just for fun. Almost always they are linked to a movie or television show he has seen. He loves to plan. Occasionally he becomes upset if we do not take him seriously enough but most of the time he is happy for us to just play along a little, even knowing his plans are only fantasies. 

Tate recently became interested in my blog Quirks and Chaos. He doesn’t really read it although he knows where to find it on the web. He likes looking at the pictures. He also likes that he is on the web. Although when I have teased him saying he is famous he says, “Mom. I haven’t even been on television.” He decided he wants to surprise me by making a commercial for Quirks and Chaos. He has enlisted the help of his siblings. He’s been texting them individually and in groups with ideas. He let me in on a bit of it and revealed to me he would like the commercial to air on ABC Family. And apparently his siblings need to learn some dance moves for their part in the commercial.

Tate's sister Bailey is in blue in this text. Tate and his siblings are in gray, although Tate does MOST of the talking here. Notice he even says, "I will ask the questions." That is definitely a movie line. 



Lately Tate has had an obsession with Black Friday and he wants to plan our day, months in advance. He wants active participation from all six of his siblings. Tate’s siblings enjoy his planning and texting, probably as much as Tate does himself.

Nebraska Furniture Mart is a favorite of Tate's. They have dvds and lots of technology there. 

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