Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Autism parents have a lot in common

My son Tate is fifteen. Tate has autism. He was about two and a half years old when he was diagnosed. Parenting a child with autism is challenging at times, but also very rewarding. We have had a lot of interesting experiences over the years and gotten to know a lot of others who are also a part of the autism community. So many of our stories and experiences are similar. I recently decided to illustrate some of the most common and repeated scenarios I have heard about from others in the autism community and/or experienced myself. They are in no particular order.

If you can relate let me know. I will be adding to these so tell me what kinds of things happen to you the most: annoying things, rewarding things, kindnesses shown, and the ways you’ve had to educate others. I would love to hear from you. Contact me on my Facebook Page called Quirks and Chaos. The comments are temporarily turned off here.

We are all in this together!  -Lisa

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  1. Would it be okay to use one of your comics on my blog, hypervigilant.org? Autism Parenting 11 in particular. :) Ahhhh, the honesty. Love your blog!

    1. Sure Casey. Just link it back here to the blog and mention the FB page Quirks and Chaos so folks know where to find us. Thanks for asking. -Lisa

  2. I absolutely love your comic strips! Keep them coming.