Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Photos from Tate's Camera

Tate takes a lot of pictures of his iPad screen or the television screen while he watches TV and dozens of those pictures were on his camera. I did not put any of those up but here are some of his others. Sometimes I think he actually has an pretty good idea of what makes a good picture too. I think I will update this from time to time and add the best of the best.  While you look at the photos look for all the lines and symmetry. Remember how kids with autism like to line things up and keep things in order. That is one of the things that amazes me about Tate's pictures. The theme seems to be ORDER much of the time. 

A Chilli's menu.... just because.

One of the first photos Tate ever took of something other than 
a television screen. I absolutely love it! 

When we eat Chinese food we take Tate's meal in with us. He doesn't like anything in the place EXCEPT the water. He always says, "They serve great water."

One of the only candies Tate will eat. No loves them.
No surprises with this photo. 

The beloved bike he learned to ride, June 2014

One of the first photos I remember Tate taking on his camera 
the summer of 2014. I questioned him, "Why do you want 
a photo of the grocery cart?" 
He didn't have an answer but he was insistent. 

Our Sienna Toyota Van in the garage

In Topeka, KS on a day trip.

His selfie. He usually looks really scared in his selfies. 

I was honored, as usually he does not take pictures of people. 

Notice in the next three photos, all the patterns and lines and how things are "lined up."  They show order and that makes so much sense to me, knowing Tate and what autism is. These three photos were taken on a shopping trip in a mall in Topeka, Kansas. 

A bridge in Tennessee. Tate took this picture when he was in the 4th grade.

The same bridge in Tennessee. Tate LOVES bridges.
The following are posts from our trip to New York City and Connecticut. While I was busy taking photos of landmarks and the sights, Tate was taking pictures too. They are nothing like mine, of course. 

Tate thought a couch that turned into a bed was AMAZING and he was pretty excited about sleeping in it. We were in Connecticut. 

 This was out the window of the rental car in Connecticut. 

Above is a picture of Tate's beloved DVD player and Sydney's mittens. 
I have no idea why he thought it was worthy of a picture but he did. 

And here we have the rental car and Levi's backside. Tate was very 
impressed with it-- the rental car, not Levi's backside. ha

We went to a museum and had a great day.
We forgot Tate's camera and I offered to let him use my phone
several times if he wanted to take any pictures.
He finally asked if he could take a picture. Of a sign.
Not of anything we saw in the museum. But outside
the museum. Of a road sign. He really liked it. HA

I would have thought this picture was an accident except I
watched Tate aim and snap the photo. I asked him about it
and he said he wanted a picture of that grass. Okay then....
We took a day trip to Wamego, Kansas. June, 2015
Tate liked the fountain in this little pond and wanted to take a picture of it.
In my opinion, this may be one of his best photos. I love the lily pads. 

Tate was so excited he got the soundtrack from one of his favorite movies he just had to snap a photo of the case as we listened to the CD on the way home from town.

This picture was taken at Pizza Shuttle in Lawrence Kansas. It's their chalkboard menu. Tate loves to sit right under it. He loves almost all pizza places if he can get a cheese pizza but he likes the atmosphere in Pizza Shuttle.

These were taken after our eye doctor appointment. I was helping Sydney pick out frames and turned around to find Tate snapping pictures. As always of lines and rows of an item. July22, 2015

A privacy fence at a country store in Tennessee. Most people would not
consider capturing a photo like this, but these are the kinds of things that
inspire Tate to pull out his camera or snap a photo with his iPad. May, 2016

This post was inspired because of this one. You might like to read it too. My summer adventures and Tate's pictures of autism.


  1. This is so great! our autistic son takes very similar pictures!

  2. It is fascinating to see what captures his interest!

  3. I love the picture of the escalator and the next shot is feet. Really great photos. Keep taking pictures!!

  4. Reminds me of the pictures I used to take. I also rarely took pictures of people. I loved taking pictures of animals though. Still great photos and I look forward to seeing more.

  5. What amazing photos! I love the bridge picture the most.
    Can you tell him that his photos have made a lady smile all the way In London!
    You must be immensely proud of him ☺️

    1. That bridge photo was one of his very first and will probably be one of my favorites forever. Thank you and I will tell Tate. He will be very impressed about having a view from London!

    2. Even from Malaysia. Tate is a lovely person xD

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  7. He has a great eye for photography! Also a great sense of perspective. All the lines are very interesting to me, as well. I take photos of 'different' things too. The grass, trees, sometimes animals, interesting buildings/architecture, inanimate objects. I see a future for him in product/object photography, working for a company that sells things! Product photography seems like such an exciting career to me. There's also building/landscape/architecture photography.